Jan. 3rd, 2012

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So, uh, y'know how I joined Dystopia BB?  Well, there's kind of a whole universe and a backstory now, and rattyjol posted this prompt: "Supernatural, any, all the angels sing because you're gonna die (Brand New Day, Dr. Horrible)"  A scene from the backstory came surging up, and I figured I'd post it, 'cause, really?  Why not?  It's not part of the BB itself, but it'll help make it understandable when it shows up in...six months.

Anyway, enjoy:

Title: Mother Mary
Fandom: SPN
Genre: Horror/Family
Characters: Mary, Azazel, brief mentions of Sam, Dean, John, Lucifer, Meg, and Michael.
Summary: It wasn't Azazel Mary made a deal with, but he's the one who comes to collect on it.
A/N: In my steampunk AU, Azazel's a fallen angel who was never caught and is a mole in Heaven for Hell.  But that's about it.

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